Sutco developed the trommel screen as a major plant compo- nent for advanced treatment plants. It is designed for the crea - tion of different particle fractions, the breakdown of agglomerates and the homogenization of mate- rial.

Trommel screens are used for screening a wide range of materi- als such as: slag, mixed construc - tion waste, cardboard-paper, plas - tics, wood etc. The generation of 2 to 4 sieve cuts and throughputs of up to 160 t/h are possible. 


  • Generation of Different particle fractions
  • Disintegration of agglomerates
  • Homogenization


The trommel body installed in an inclined fash- ion is the core of the trommel screen. The body is equipped with six changing plates for each screen shot over the circumference. Depending on the siz- ing, the trommel body may comprise 4 to 6 screen shots. The trommel body is supported on two turned races. Depending on the requirement, sever - al screen fractions may be generated by a trommel screen. The built-in equipment (stopper, accelera - tor) can be used to influence the screening result.

The screen perforation may optionally be designed as round or rectangular perforations, with wrapping protection in case of round perforation as well. To- gether with the races the trommel body is support- ed by a total of 4 rollers with vulkollan linings. The rotary movement of the trommel body is generated via one or two rollers which are driven by geared motors. The rollers are bolted to the base frame.

An axial pressure roller exerting pressure against one race prevents the trommel body from an axial movement caused by the rotation and trommel in- clination. The base frame stands on supports dow- elled to foundations.