This unit has especially been de- veloped for an air-supported separation of tabular-light and heavy materials and is used for EBS (substitute fuel) production - and for DSD (Duales System Deutschland) sorting of house- hold waste as well. Throughputs of up to 20 t/h are possible. The 5 main adjustment positions en- sure an exactly defined separa - tion. Since the air moves within a closed circuit, only a small filter surface is required for cleaning the excess air volume.


  • Separator for heavy parts
  • automatic Seperation of light and and heavy recyclable material
  • protection od downstream units (e.g. crushers) by Separating bulk material


The material to be classified is conveyed to the sepa - ration chamber by an acceleration belt whose speed can be adjusted. An air flow whose volume and di - rection can be adjusted flows through the dischar - ge parabola immediately after leaving the belt con - veyor, transporting large-surface particles with a low weight to the rear area of the classifier where they settle on the light-material collection belt and are conveyed out of the classifier together with it.

Heavy and massive parts fall onto the heavy-material collection belt in the front area of the classifier. The separating cut between heavy and light material can be adjusted according to the requirements by the se- parating vertices which can be adjusted by a motor. The required air flow is generated by a radial fan. To keep the air flow to be dedusted as low as possib - le, the air blown into the rear part of the separation chamber is sucked again by a radial fan, i.e. operated in a circulation air mode. A part of the sucked air is delivered to a dedusting unit so that the separati- on chamber is kept under vacuum and an escape of dust is largely prevented.