Sutco is now a registered EU trademark.

In January, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) granted the plant manufacturer the 10-year right to use the exclusive name in all current and future Member States of the European Union, a market with nearly 500 million potential customers.

Brand management. Why the whole thing?
After successful establishment a brand like Sutco® creates trust and promotes customer loyalty. We hope for the Sutco® brand a clearer distinction from the competition, a high recognition value and a positive influence on the purchase decisions by adhering to our brand promise.

Sutco® stands for quality: our products are constantly developed and improved. Sutco® serves as a distinguishing feature and distinguishes our products from those of other manufacturers.

Sutco® stands for continuity: our products are first class and our range is stable. We offer our customers stability and reliability - for many decades.

Sutco® stands for reliability: We can rely on us and the products installed by us. Our service does not end with the transfer of a machine or plant, but goes far beyond it. We see their satisfaction as our advantage.

The procedure in detail.
Upon receipt of the application to the EUIPO, the latter verifies, in a multi-step procedure, whether the trademark meets the legal framework for registration. In the absence of any complaints or restrictions of registration, the application for the trade mark application is made in all 23 EU official languages. This publication is followed by a three-month opposition period, while the third party can object to the trademark entry in an opposition proceedings. If no opposition is filed or if the trademark is the opposition proceedings, the actual registration of the trade mark and the publication of the registered trade mark are made to the general public at the end of the opposition period. The company receives its registration certificate.

Our conclusion.
Brands create orientation. Brands create trust. Brands suggest quality.

Sutco® embodies our values.