Video: LWP system in Sweden sorting 20 tons of plastic hourly

Bergisch Gladbach/Motala. The fully automated LWP sorting system in Motala, Sweden, designed and implemented by Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH achieves record-breaking recycling rates. The Swedish organization Svensk Plaståtervinning - formerly Plastkretsen - was commissioned by the million euro project that started in 2018 and is responsible for recycling plastic packaging waste from households in Sweden. The long-term target is all plastic packaging to be collected on the Swedish market, recycled and processed into new plastic products. The system, which has been in operation since May 2019, fulfills all the requirements. Under the motto "We give plastic a new lease of life - over and over again", Sweden also relies on extensive information from manufacturers and consumers in relation to the most suitable plastic qualities with regard to the recycling rate.

The new system, which was equipped with 19 TOMRA NIR machines, among others, is operated in 3 shifts with an annual capacity of 115,000 tons - 20 tons per hour - making it Europe's largest and most efficient system for sorting plastic packaging.

The new video of the Sutco LWP system Motala allows an insight into the sorting processes and explains the special technical features of the sorting system.