Windrow Composting with Optimized Mechanical and Process Engineering.

New Sutco® Wendelin delivers economically and ecologically

Bergisch Gladbach. The tried-and-tested Sutco “Wendelin - the new generation” composting system is now available in a new series of models. This is the reaction of the plant manufacturer Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH to the worldwide growing demand for an efficient, aerobic treatment method for biological waste that can also be used with very high throughputs.
The optimized composting method takes place in a single composting field made up of several windrows, thus ensuring the optimum use of the entire composting area. The turning machine creates the ideal conditions for effective biological degradation processes. Moreover, variable adjustment of the process conditions is ensured by the integrated irrigation system and a sectional aeration base.

With the new range of models, the plant manufacturer has achieved a capacity increase of 20,000 to 100,000 t/a. With the Sutco Wendelin, the focus is on flexibility and simplicity. Thanks to the combination of several treatment lines, the turning machine achieves a maximum throughput of 400,000 t/a.

The modular system offers considerable freedom of design, even where space is tight, and has a broad range of applications: in addition to biological and green waste, the Wendelin also processes fermentation residues and organics from domestic waste. It can also be used for purely biological drying - also called biodrying.
And in terms of costs and the environmental balance, the new Wendelin is a real winner.

The order to install the 2nd Sutco Wendelin at aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover was recently successfully concluded. As well as replacing the turning machine, a new fully automatic entry system was installed which greatly increases the efficiency of the system.