Packaging waste

Sorting systems for packaging waste

In case of recyclable materials a distinction is made between the packaging waste identified by e.g. the Green Dot (Germany), Eco-Emballages (France), and in other 22 European countries, i.e. packing waste collected in bags, barrels or recyclable material containers as well as recyclable material collected by the communities or third parties entrusted with the collection.


This packaging waste is mainly

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard articles
  • Glass
  • Lightweight packagings (packagings of plastics, metal and composites)


Sutco sorting systems separate this waste to recycle materials by mechanical and automatic sorting methods and to form fractions of them as well. Key units such as bag openers, trommel screens (sorting of material by size), wind sifters (separation by weight), ballistic separators (tabular-light and heavy-rolling), magnets and eddy current separators sort the packaging waste and use the near-infrared devices for fractioning.


Thanks to the qualitative combination of the equipment used the Sutco sorting systems achieve a high degree of purity and thus allow the marketing of exactly sorted fractions which can be sold well as high-grade secondary raw materials.

Sorting systems for packaging waste