Waste paper and cardboard

Sorting plant for waste paper and cardboard

The purer the paper can be returned to the paper industry, the more valuable it is. This means that the more primary fibres are replaced with secondary raw material from waste paper, the more favourable it is for the paper industry since less water, energy and raw materials must be used.



To achieve a high degree of purity of the paper, the sorting process must ensure high reliability and productivity.

Here, the separation of non-paper ingredients are at issue such as

  • Metals
  • Cords
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • sand
  • plastics etc.

as well as the production of defined paper grades.


Sorting may be perfomed manually or semi-automatically. The collected paper mixture is sorted to form several fractions in individual process steps. The deinking products, cardboard and mixed paper are fed or dosed to the individual sorting unit via a moving floor. Sorting is performed by screens to obtain coarse and fine material, and advanced optical detection systems classify the goods before they pass a manual product check in a final step. In this way high-grade waste paper qualities are produced.


The individual paper grades may be loaded loosely or compacted to form bales for better transport. To optimize the working conditions for the personnel, advanced and powerful suction and dedusting systems are used in the plants. In addition, Sutco RecyclingTechnik can offer document shredders. Our plants process the paper to be destroyed such that we ensure data security of our customers. The records and/or documents are processed via a multi-stage treatment process to provide different materials which can be returned to the paper industry.

Sorting plant for waste paper and cardboard